With adblock usage skyrocketing and ad rates plummeting, publishers need to wake up. Rethink your monetisation strategy, improve your UX, and reduce user churn. In other words, you need to find a way to be able to display as little ads as possible, while increasing your CPMs enough to make sure your revenues are not hurt as a result. Meet ComboTag

Revolutionary Platform

The ComboTag Publisher Platform is a revolutionary tool that can act as both your ad server, an add-on to your ad server, or a fully managed solution operated by your dedicated ComboTag account managers. Whichever you prefer!

Control your Budget

Determine at what conditions you're willing to display an ad. choose your CPM price and traget your Impressions by country, device, browser and many more options. only display an ad when it’s worth your while.

New Ads Formats

Generate more engaging ad formats - allowing you to yield higher CPMs. We’ve invented formats you’ve never even heard of until now!

Single Tag Solution

all you need is to incorporate ComboTag’s single tag once, and then you’ll never have to touch the source code again.

One ComboTag to Rule Them All


In today’s world, more and more large brands are building in house media trading desks. When buying media is done with a click of a button, Agencies need to either evolve or die. ComboTag is the next step in your digital media evolution, and it is the best tool to help you stay in the digital game

Create Private Marketplace

With ComboTag, you can create private marketplaces with any publisher you're interested in, but in a way where you’d be in full control - a private marketplace the way you want, the way you need

Control Placemnts Position

ComboTag drag and drop editor allows you to fully control the placements location on every page. place as many ads as you’d like, wherever you want them on the page. No more buying impressions without having any control over where your ad is on the page.

Ensure Traffic Quality

ComboTag’s single tag deploys our industry leading, proprietary anti-fraud algorithms, ensuring 100% fraud-free impressions.

It’s Alive!

Add new ads onto the site within seconds - drag and drop the ad from the menu, and it’s live.

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